Gifts You Can Make in a Day!

I was going through some projects that I did before I started blogging. I apparently take a lot of pictures. So please excuse them in advance. All of these things can be made in a day, and I hope someone out there can use one or two!

First up, for the plant people in your life. Some painted and mod podged planters. Get you some images from the totally awesome Graphics Fairy, dry brush paint a planter, let it dry, mod podge the image to it, let it dry. Rub off with a little water and done.

For a little girl, I got some bobby pins from JoAnn's Fabrics and some buttons I found at an antique store. Hot glue the buttons to the end, and she has something no one else in class will have. (And looking back, I think I would have put felt rounds on the under-side.)

If you have someone who's been talking about a funky pendant light to replace what they have, make one! An old metal basket or light cage, a $15 pendant light kit from Lowe's, and you're set!

Got babies? Are they future sports fans? Onesies (sp?)are only $5 at Hobby Lobby. I found the Steelers patch on Amazon for $3, and they had 2 day shipping! If you have a place in town where you can buy them, even better. Dress it up with a matching bib.


Ok, depending on your carpentry skills, this next one might take you 2 days. How about a toy box? This one is made from scrap shelves from the ReStore, plywood, and a bunch of yard sticks from Home Depot. I added pictures of how we put it together so you have an idea. I had almost zero wood working skills at this point, and I did it in 2 days. Finish it off by putting casters on the bottom.

 And the chalkboards were made from cabinet doors from the ReStore!
My husband was going through some things and found an old picture of his former father in law. They are still kinda close, (don't ask) so I made a frame for it. 1x3's, a photo insert from Hobby Lobby, 3 colors of paint, and some crackle agent, and he had something he really loved.

Another funky thing for someone in the market for one, a pallet wine rack! I got this at the ReStore for $1. I sanded it and cleaned it up, waxed it, then added a found decorative iron piece.
And then there is the chalkboard dish towel holder. I painted an old cutting board with chalkboard paint, then glued down the end of an old fence board. I then added an iron dragonfly and attached twine to hold a piece of chalk. The iron towel holder finishes it off.

This next one needs a little 'splaining. I only have one pic and it's blurry. We had friends that got married, so I got a letter that starts their last name. I got 3 little frames from Michael's dollar section and painted them cream. Then I covered the letter in damask paper. I put a ribbon (purple-from their wedding colors) down the seam of where the paper ended. Then I traced the pattern on one side of the ribbon with puff paint. Once that was dry, I painted it cream. Then I scaled some pics from their wedding on the computer and put them in the frames. I then glued the frames to the letter. Whew! It sounds like a lot, but it was a quick project.
I have a few things from after I started blogging. They are easy and fun!
Like a personalized etched soap container...or just glass container in general.
And lastly, homemade sugar scrubs, vanilla, or whatever...adding your own personalized label. These images are from The Graphics Fairy and I just added our name, letting them know they were made by us, with love. There are hundreds of recipes online for sugar or salt scrubs, laundry soap recipes, homemade vanilla, and anything else you can fit in a jar or other cool container.
I don't think Christmas should be stressful. I also don't think you have to go broke to show people how much you care. Something homemade is perfectly acceptable, especially these days.
Merry Christmas!


  1. What fabulous gift ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love these gift ideas! Thank you so much for sharing on Whatever Wednesday! Hope to see you again this week! Happy New Year!


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