Fabric Scrap Christmas Wreath

Thanks to Hobby Lobby, I can start my Christmas projects in August. Thanks to being a blogger, I can get them done before New Year's. I was inspired to make this wreath from a post by All Things Thrifty. I just think her little drop cloth ruffle wreath is so adorable!


Covering Lampshade Frame with Fabric, without Styrene

I would like to say that I chose not to use styrene on my lampshade because I read that new studies show that when warmed, styrene emits harmful chemicals into your home, and I am concerned about that. I would like to say that, but the truth is, they just don't sell styrene in Waco and I didn't want to wait for an online order. So go ahead and use styrene if you want, but if you are concerned about the new studies, or like me, just don't have any...read on.


2-Tone Credenza Makeover & 3-D Fiber Lash Winner!

I bought this credenza off Craigslist for $50. It is huge. It is heavy. And it's pretty ugly in its natural state.