Fix a Broken Nail Fast!

My nails are out of control. I don't know why. My diet isn't that great; I don't take hair and nail supplements. But my whole life, I've had nails that grow really thick, really long, really fast. I know...You hate it for me, right?

Well, sometimes it can be a curse. Once they get to a certain stage, if I go to grab something random they will tend to break right off down at the quick. Talk about painful! Or sometimes I will be working on something and look down to see that one will be broken half way off, sometimes right through my nail bed! On those occasions I can't just cut them off and file. So, I've discovered a product that will help keep it together and from snagging on anything until it's grown out enough to cut off without bleeding to death.

This is the Orly Nail Repair Kit from Sally's Beauty Supply. And this is a broken nail that had me almost in tears. I was in the middle of staining something when this happened, so my nails look gross.

It might have been small but it hurt!

First, take your nail polish off and wash your nail. Next, you take the nail glue and brush it on your nail. I do the whole nail so it is even. If you have a jagged edge, try and get the glue in between the break to add extra holding power.

 Next, dip your nail in the powder provided in the kit.

Let it dry completely (just a minute or so) and then wipe off the extra powder. There is a file that is included in the kit, but I promptly lost it, so I just used 120 grit sandpaper.

 Then you paint and you are as good as new!

This is strong enough that I can go about painting, sanding and doing whatever for about a week. If it breaks at the repair and hasn't grown out enough in that time then I just sand it off and start over.

I hope this can help someone! Y'all take care and come back soon!


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