Mother's Day Gift Idea: Drawer Sachet's

I'm back from vacation and have a bit of a vacation hangover! Lots of yard work had to be done this morning, laundry, grocery shopping. I feel like I'm walking around in a dream. I foolishly thought I'd be posting from the road, but we got started and I was having so much fun, staying busy, and looking at beautiful scenery that I just let it fall by the wayside. But, I took tons of pics and visited some very interesting places. I will share those in the next few months. I don't want to bore you with a bombardment of my 2 weeks on the road.

I also realized on the road, that I forgot to add the grand total savings of the Back Yard Reveal. I have updated that.

I do want to show you a super easy Mother's Day gift idea using what I had around the house. Pretty smelling drawer sachet's!

I used these bags my husband had for parts or something in the garage.

I found some pretty graphics from The Graphics Fairy and printed them on a wax paper transfer I made. I learned how to do this years ago. There are tons of transfer ideas online, but this is how I do it. Reusable transfer paper:

I take a plain piece of paper and spray adhesive on it. Let it dry for a few seconds. Then I lay wax paper (paper side sticking to it-and shiny side up).

Get the bubbles out by just spreading them with your fingers. Then trim it to the size of the paper.


I had used this piece of paper as a practice sheet to make sure my measurements were right upon print. I use Faststone Image Viewer to edit and print graphics. I kept the image I printed up, so I would remember that side goes up when I put it in the printer, and the wax side is down.

I used my hand and got a few drops of water to spread on the bag. You can use a sprayer, but gently dab the fabric with a cloth after you spray, because you want it to be barely damp. Too much water will make the image blurry. Then I printed my image.

Carefully place your image where you want it on your bag. Rub the image with the back of a spoon, and carefully lift the paper off. Voila!

Now, you can use a damp cloth to erase your image from the wax. Dry it off immediately. Too much water can separate the wax from the paper, then you have a mess.

Now you are ready to print again. I print my letters and other small things in the upper corner so I have more control over where it's placed. I printed a backwards B, also from The Graphics Fairy.

And then I burnished the B the same way I did the image.

Now you fill your bags with about 1/2 cup of smell goods. I use Purex Crystals in my laundry. They smell wonderful, and make your clothes smell good for weeks! I have some in my drawers, and I'm going on 2 months of them still making my clothes smell freshly washed. It is also helping to rid that 'new dresser smell' I couldn't get rid of before.

Right now, I'm on purple...but the blue or yellow are great too.

I use these bags for my jewelry when I'm traveling, as well. The large one is dedicated for that.

Tie them with pretty ribbon and put them in a cute basket. Add a candle and bath salts, and done!


This isn't my best basket decorating work. I was in a hurry...as always. But, I hope I gave you a good last minute gift idea for Mom! Y'all enjoy your day with her, and come back soon.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous sachet gift idea at Project Inspire{d} linky party last week!! Hope to see you at this week’s party up now : http://www.settingforfour.com/2013/05/project-inspired-linky-party-no.html Pinned your post to our group linky party board! Heather


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