Back Yard Reveal!

I woke up to an email this morning that said 'Ain't you done with that yard yet? I want to see those cobblestones.' That made me giggle. Well, Diane...here it is! Finally! I was debating on how I should do this. A bunch of before's and a bunch of after's? Or, one at a time before and after. I like the instant gratification of the latter, so I think we'll go with that, then give the final result at the very end.


The Pallet Garden and Finishing Up~Outside Improvements pt5

Ack! I'm so late getting my garden in this year. By a month, but given how our winter went this year, I probably could have started in February. I could be sitting here, writing to you and chomping on a fried green tomato right now. Instead, I've got dirt under my nails, mud on my clothes, and did I really just find a pile of dead grass in my ponytail? With everything going on with the Outside Improvements, wrist surgery and breaking my ankle, the garden kept getting pushed back. But I just couldn't push it back anymore. I got the best seeds this year and have to try them out...so, cast on the hand, boot on the foot  and sweat on my brow, I got busy with the Pallet Garden.


How to Install a Pool Liner-Outside Improvements pt4

Ever notice how when you buy something, everything looks and works perfect-but as soon as it's yours, the whole thing falls apart? That's how I feel with this house. Money sucking pit of despair is a little strong, but let's go with that. The pool is my husband's project. He spends hours tinkering with the cleaning, the chlorine levels, and the thing we call Rover...who roves the bottom, sucking up leaves.


Our-Under $300 Complete Deck Addition! Outside Improvements pt3

This is coming a lot later than I expected. But, look what happened here!

That is the root system for the neighbor's tree that lives behind us. It was so windy last weekend, that it knocked the 100 ft tree over in the middle of the night, lifting the corner of our fence.