Just a Little Easter Stuff~and Some Cute Kids!

I used to do a lot of crafts. I'm not exactly sure when I stopped--but after I caught the DIY bug, I found I had somehow traded my glue gun for a hammer. I went to my supply closet to find something to do for an Easter post, and found nothing but some old paint, broken frames, and a couple of doilies. So a trip to Michael's later, and here we are.

My first little project is something a friend of mine taught me how to do about 15 years ago, when I lived in Germany. I thought this would be a good time to finally getting around to making it. Eh, I never said I wasn't a procrastinator.

Ribbon eggs are so pretty and classy looking in their own right. And they are so easy to make! I say that, just having wrist surgery a few weeks ago...so I'll say it's easy for people with two functioning hands...

The supplies you need are:

  • Styrofoam egg, any size
  • Ribbon in colors of choice
  • Straight pins with tiny heads
  • Iron-to keep folds tight.
  • Scissors
Start by cutting the ribbon in squares. I used one full roll plus a little of a second one for the large egg. By the way, this egg was $4! FOUR DOLLARS...for a piece of foam the size of an apple! Thank goodness for the 40% off coupon. A six pack of the smaller eggs are $4, as well. That's a little more reasonable.

Put one square across the bottom of the egg and pin all four corners. Fold the other squares twice, into triangles. Iron a couple of seconds to keep a tight fold. Pin on each side of the top of the triangle, with the pointy side down. It's easier to show all the steps, so here is how the process should be going...

When you get to the top of the egg, it should look like this:

It's an..umm...artichoke?? I spent ALL DAY making an artichoke?! Ok, I wasn't really paying attention when I bought the ribbon. I just thought it was pretty. Ugh! Anyway, I topped it off by looping some extra ribbon at the top and adding some jute to hang it. I also made a little Robin's Egg Blue one.

As I was making these I was thinking how cute an ombre effect would look, as well.

I wanted to make some Easter cupcakes this year, but having recently lost 30 lbs, I didn't want a whole batch hanging around. I would normally send the leftovers to work with Mark, but I'm sending something special on Monday for April Fool's Day. I have a few friends that have kids in the same daycare, so I decided to head up there to bring extra goodies to their Easter Egg hunt.

To make these, I started out with basic carrot cake mix, and topped each with a little french vanilla batter before baking. I also made a few chocolate ones. The icing is just cream cheese frosting, and grass made from shredded coconut, tinted green.

Shove a toothpick up a Peeps bunny butt...

And I was going to roll fondant to make picket fences, but really...they're 5. I don't think they care either way. I found some really cool picket fence rounds made for cupcakes at Michael's. And here we are!

I wanted to bring something the kids could do-as well as eat, so I made these eggs I found on Military Special Needs Network.

They are just plastic eggs with letters on one side and the end of a word on the other. They twist the egg to make words-like bat, cat, fat, etc...

It was a pretty fun day. I miss having little ones at holidays, but now I don't have to wait for grand kids to enjoy Easter again!

Have a super sweet Easter!

I will update this post Sunday or Monday with the April Fool's Cake I'm making for Mark's coworkers. It's an oldie but a goodie! Y'all come back soon.

UPDATE: Well it's Monday, April 1, 2013...and you know what that means. April Fool's Day! I'm sharing the cake I made to go to work with Mark this morning, the classic and disgusting-looking kitty litter cake.

Guaranteed to fool at least 1 person in the room! I've been making this cake for about 15 years. I've used it for house warming parties, April Fool's, and for the self-proclaimed cat lady's birthday. Yes, this cake has gotten every reaction from 'that's cute!' to 'omg...I think I'm gonna throw up.' I even had one guy get mad that there was a dirty cat box sitting with all the party food. Most people can eat it, but there's always that one person who can't get past how it looks. That person always seems to be the picky-like-a-3 year old-eater.

Start out with (in a brand new cat litter box) a couple of cakes, any flavor. I used 1/2 carrot and 1/2 chocolate leftover from Easter.
I don't know what's up with this picture, but anyway...

Top that with a layer of pudding. I used 2 boxes of cheesecake flavored.

Then add another layer of cake on top. I used french vanilla. I used the top portion...the softest part.

Then you take a whole package of vanilla sandwich cookies. Pound the heck out of them inside a ziplock, and add green food coloring. Knead that until it's completely mixed, and starts to look like oxidized kitty litter...about 2 minutes.

Top your cake with crumbs. Then, microwave about 5 tootsie rolls at a time for about 6 seconds. roll them with your fingers until they start to look like poo.

Serve with a brand new cat litter scoop. Sit back and watch the reactions! Happy April Fool's! Enjoy.



  1. ok, i laughed out loud when you got to the "artichoke" part! the ribbon eggs are gorgeous, though! it looks like you really made a lot of kids smile. i know it made ME smile :D great job, jodi!!!

  2. Haha! Yeah, I was really mad when I looked at it at that point. I yelled at Mark...what does this look like?! But, I like how they turned out in the end. Thanks hon!

  3. Wow! So much good stuff here to comment on!

    First off, I love the eggs... I think if you did them in browns and metallics, they would make great pinecones for the fall/winter season!

    Secondly, those Easter cupcakes are SO adorable! So much detail that they look too cute to eat... Well, almost. :)

    And lastly, that cat litter cake is hilarious!

    Thanks for stopping by toddlindsey.com!

    1. Aww! Thanks so much, Lindsey! I love that pinecone idea. Welcome!


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