Can We Please Stop Calling it a Man Cave?

It was cute the first million times I heard that term, but much like 'Shabby Chic,' it's now like nails on a chalkboard. Speaking of shabby chic, when is that going to die? In a couple of years this craze will be over, and what are we going to be left with? A bunch of turquoise dressers and 'chippy' end tables. Annie Sloan will come out with her own brand of overpriced paint stripper and stains, then maybe things will start getting back to just how I like them...classic. But I digress.

Since we are empty nester's, we have two extra bedrooms. One is used for junk, and will eventually become an awesome guest bedroom. The other was being used as a computer room. During football season we were taking turns using the big TV in the Family Room, and the little one in the bedroom. I felt bad seeing him watch the tiny football players run back and forth on the little TV. Plus, it feels weird watching TV back there...like you've been grounded. I thought he needs his own space, with his own big TV and be surrounded by his own stuff. A place where he can have friends come watch with him, and it wouldn't be awkward like when they share the bed with him. I'm just kidding...that never happened. But I did want to reclaim my family room back from his rowdy football watching ways. So this year for his birthday, I went above and beyond my wifely duties and made him his very own Man Cave Room.

I told him I was going to do it, so he helped me clear the room and move the computer desk to the other side. After that, a sign went up and I got to work.

I saw this map on Pinterest and knew he would love it. Here are the instructions.

I was nervous about putting his medals on an old piece of barn wood, but he loves it. Whew! The Airplane wing tip thing was given to him when he left Dyess AFB. Fleur De Lis because he is from Louisiana, and the gears because he's an aircraft mechanic. Just under this display is his futon I found off Craigslist. He actually got that for Father's Day, but it was sitting in the other room waiting on me to fulfill the promise of making his own space.

In front of that is the 'Air Force Trunk' I showed you in my Before and Afters post.

To the left of this is the closet and behind the door to the room, I hung these. I made the top one from scrap wood, a pic that says Mark's Man Cave and mod podge.

And of course I had to mod podge a light switch cover:

I painted the computer desk, changed out the knobs, and added a few things of his. Pictures of both his Grandmother's, shell casings from really big bullets that come out of planes, a propeller clock from Hobby Lobby...
The picture above is from when he left Ramstein in Germany.

I had an artist make this poster, then hung it in an old window from the ReStore.

To the left of that is shelving that I bought off CL. I just put thick poly on them so they can be dusted once in awhile. I made the little table the TV is on by adding a faux drawer, finding a car door knob from Hobby Lobby, and I wrapped radiator cover around the legs to try and make them look more manly.

See the black thing along the base board? I made that out of scrap wood to hide cords behind.

He later added the Fat Head.

The shelves hold steins, Steelers stuff and other things he's collected through the years.

To the left of this, I hung one of our old deck stairs that we had replaced. I made all the old Steelers Logo's that they've ever had by mod podging them on some wood. And, of course, his retirement case the people from Dyess made for him when he retired.

And that's pretty much the trip around the room. I spent about 3 weeks in here building, sanding, painting, polying, waxing...and not one drop of anything on the carpet! That's a miracle all in itself.
I was also collecting presents and having to stash them in here and work around them. I'll go through a couple. Yes, I wrapped the big box by putting paper over the name. The thing was huge!

It was holding a speaker bar set. Every time we watch a movie all I hear is...what did he say? Why did he say that? What's going on? Now my hearing impaired husband has no excuse. If he's playing around on Facebook instead of paying attention to the movie, that's on him. :)

This Makita drill/driver set is so worth the money! It's only 12 v, but holds charge a long time and has quite a bit of power behind them. They are tough little suckers for pretty much any home improvement project. I was sold on them when a bus mechanic wrote a review saying he uses them everyday, all day long and has never had an issue with battery or anything. They were only $99 at Home Depot online. They sell a set for $199 in the store that's an 18v. Don't waste the extra hundred when these work just as well. Plus, the batteries will be interchangeable with more things. The bucket holder for tools is worth its weight in gold. It is the most convenient thing to have around. For $20, we have something we can change out as the job requires and tote from room to room with ease.

Bring it Fall! I laugh every time I look at this picture. He was maniacally laughing at all the leaves that can eat it this year. On sale at Lowe's for $40.

I haven't seen my husband cry many times since I've known him. But when he opened the door to his room, the look on his face was priceless. When he started tearing up, it made me cry! All of his friends came for his party that day, and he kept asking everyone 'have you seen my room yet?' It was sweet. It rained all that day and we had to hold his party in the garage, but it was one of the best days ever.

Here's a snapshot from the end of the night. Everyone else had gone home and I was headed to bed, when they all yelled 'We love the room, Jodi!' and 'Dude...you have the best wife ever!' Made me feel good, but I honestly have the best husband ever...and he deserves his room. Just don't call it a Man Cave anymore. Mkay?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the tour of my husband's room! How about you? Does your husband have his own room, or did you make yourself your very own crafting room? Share it with us! I'd love to hear about it.

Y'all come back soon!



  1. I've seen the man room aka the man cave and it is even more beautiful in person.. You always do outstanding work.. You need your own show..

    1. Thank you Cynthia! And thank you for being such an encouraging friend. Your LR reveal is coming up soon!

  2. Very awesome! Thanks for sharing with us at Give Me the Goods!

    ~Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly


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