Just a Little Easter Stuff~and Some Cute Kids!

I used to do a lot of crafts. I'm not exactly sure when I stopped--but after I caught the DIY bug, I found I had somehow traded my glue gun for a hammer. I went to my supply closet to find something to do for an Easter post, and found nothing but some old paint, broken frames, and a couple of doilies. So a trip to Michael's later, and here we are.


That New A/C Sure is Umm...Big. Outside Improvements pt2

In case y'all didn't know, Texas is hot. Like, 'I think I've just entered the third realm of Hell,' hot. Two summers ago it was 105+ for three weeks straight. And there's always just enough humidity in the air that when you step outside, you instantly become a puddle. I left here when I was 17, and just moved back a few years ago. For the last several years, it seems I've only lived in colder climates. Alaska, Germany, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Now that I'm back, summers are no longer any fun for me. Come April, just give me a cold room and a glass of ice tea, and I'm good till October.


The Best $13 We've Ever Spent-Outside Improvements pt1

It's just life. We got hit this year with needing a new air conditioner system for the house, a new A/C for the truck, the foundation under our addition had to be lifted, the pool liner needed to be replaced, the kids needed some help. Every year we choose a new home improvement project to tackle. This year, we decided we were going to blow up the back yard. But with finances being slaughtered, we were going to have to get creative...and dirty.


Can We Please Stop Calling it a Man Cave?

It was cute the first million times I heard that term, but much like 'Shabby Chic,' it's now like nails on a chalkboard. Speaking of shabby chic, when is that going to die? In a couple of years this craze will be over, and what are we going to be left with? A bunch of turquoise dressers and 'chippy' end tables. Annie Sloan will come out with her own brand of overpriced paint stripper and stains, then maybe things will start getting back to just how I like them...classic. But I digress.


How to Refinish an Antique-Also, Before and Afters!

I introduced this piece in my 'Great Finds' post last week. This display case/curio cabinet was exactly what I had been looking for for my dining room. Looking around town at different furniture stores, consignment shops and antique stores, the average price of their pieces were about $500. So when I got this for $150, I thought I had hit the lottery. Upon closer inspection, it quickly became obvious that this piece was being held together by a lick and a promise...and in need of some serious love.