Great Finds in the Last Couple Weeks!

I am so stinking excited to show you the great stuff I've come across in the last couple of weeks! When I wrote the post about the ReStore, I was looking at a piece of Waco history that they had. It was being appraised at the time and I didn't want to jinx it by saying anything too soon, but I wanted it so bad. I had a 50% off credit from the ReStore when I won a DIY contest, so I was hoping it wouldn't appraise for too much.
The piece that I salivated over is the gorgeous solid brass chandelier from the Hamilton House (old house, now a museum of sorts) here in Waco. It's from about the mid 1800's and had been converted from gas to electric at some point in time.

Check out that patina! It needs to be rewired and cleaned up a little bit. It appraised at somewhere around $600 and they had a price tag of $300 on it. With my 50% off, I got a historical piece for $150! I can't decide if I want to put it in my bedroom where our old ceiling fan is, or put it over a claw foot tub when we remodel our master bath. I'm thinking the latter, but we'll see.

The next piece is this crazy warrior guy riding a horse. It's solid brass and weighs about 8 pounds. I found it at a local antique store. It did have a price tag of $120 at some point. It was half off at some other time. Then the seller was closing their booth and had 75% off all their inventory. I wound up getting it for $13.50!

He's going on my buffet when I finish our Great Room.

I really needed something different for this area in my little dining room off the kitchen. It looks a little cluttered to me and also, I hate dusting. Those little squares are a thorn in my side. I told my husband 2 teapots ago that I have the teapot situation under control. I lied.

The cabinet on top holds treasures that I've collected from wherever I was living in the world at the time, and also our kids pinch pots and things they made when they were little. I want them to be displayed properly. I found this display case at the same antique store I got my brass warrior at. I negotiated a price of $150. I think I did pretty good.

We just picked it up yesterday so it's in the garage awaiting a good cleaning and some reinforcement of the glass. *Note to self: Move project junk out of way before taking picture that has reflection.

The next thing was purely because it was a good deal and I promised Mark it would be the last table and chairs I buy until we make our farmhouse table for the big dining room. I wanted to replace the old table with something a little more classic.

Hi Tanya. Nosey cat.

It needs a little cleaning and a bit of reinforcement around the leaf area. The upholstery is original and still in good shape. With a new rug underneath, and the display case next to it, it's going to look great! Not a bad little set for $125.

I had this table and chairs in my truck when I stopped at an estate sale, and found this:

It was only $45, and has about a hundred pounds of wicker on it! I've been needing something to hold all of the jewelry I've collected over the years. I have some of my Grandmothers pins, and I feel terrible that they are just stuck in a box in the closet. Now everything will be in one spot, instead of here and there.

I've really started to appreciate layaway. The only drawback to finding such good deals, is the overflow it's created!

Yes, that is a teeter hang-up in my master dining room. A friend of my husband lent it to us because of my back problems. It really does help a little, but I have to have Mark there to supervise!

I'm going to paint the red chairs and use them in here when we build our big table. Eventually.

It's all starting to come together. I can see it...somewhere on the horizon.

And those are my recent fabulous finds. How about you? Have you received a good deal on something lately? Share it with us!

Thanks for visiting, and y'all come back soon.



  1. i got a great deal on a gorgeous lingerie chest tonight! oh yeah...it came from you!

    it's fun to watch you turn your purchases into projects, and then into works of art.

  2. Aww thanks! That is my favorite piece ever and I'm so happy it's going to you!

  3. Jodi, great finds! I had to laugh when you said that you had told your husband you had the tea pot issue under control 2 tea pots ago. I have a tea pot situation going on over here myself and am trying to get a bigger cabinet to contain it all. Looking forward to seeing it all come together in your posts!

  4. Thank you, Alison! Lol, yeah it's an easy thing to let get out of control. I'm hoping to have everything together before I have wrist surgery on the 7th. Along with reining in the clutter before my husband turns me in to the people from Hoarders for an intervention. Ha!


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