Great Finds in the Last Couple Weeks!

I am so stinking excited to show you the great stuff I've come across in the last couple of weeks! When I wrote the post about the ReStore, I was looking at a piece of Waco history that they had. It was being appraised at the time and I didn't want to jinx it by saying anything too soon, but I wanted it so bad. I had a 50% off credit from the ReStore when I won a DIY contest, so I was hoping it wouldn't appraise for too much.


A Family Room For Our Family

Tearing out the wallpaper in the family room and entry was probably the most painstaking, frustrating project in this house. Just when you think you're moving right along...the worst is over...and you're just going to skate through the rest of the house, you get smacked with a project that has you ripping your hair out and crying in a corner. I would rather eat glass than have to do this again.


Panel, Panel On the Wall-Please Go Away

When it comes to wall coverings, somewhere around 1975 people just plumb lost their minds. Whoever thought putting thin, fake, wood veneered panels all over a nice smooth wall should be locked away. The only saving grace is that it's relatively easy to remove and it can be up-cycled, in most cases, into wainscoting for another room. The only question is, what to do with the now not-so-smooth wall that ripping off the ugly left behind? I'll show ya...