The Wonderful World of the ReStore~and Creations of Mine

I have featured a couple of things on Second Wind that I've made out of items I found at the ReStore. I got an email the other day that simply said, 'ReStore?' And to that person I say, 'Oh honey...you poor thing!' If you haven't heard of the amazing wonderland of toilets and trinkets that is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore...and the reason my garage is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders, then let me tell ya all about it...

Intro: The Habitat for Humanity has built or repaired over 600,000 homes, helping over 3 million people who are homeless or in need of housing repairs world wide since 1976. They rely mainly on volunteer power and community support and have over 850 stores all over. This is a place where homeowners and contractors donate new and used household items and building supplies that are then resold (at severely discounted prices) to the public. These funds help generate income to help more people in need of stable, affordable housing. What a concept!

This calls for a poetry-picture montage:

You need a front door? They've got 210

Shutters and trim...

A toilet -- with supplies to get it in.

Cabinet doors and paints and stain...

Windows to keep out the rain.

 And don't forget the new stuff too...

Or a chandelier...
To bring light to you.

I gotta admit, I'm a little addicted and a somewhat of a knob and handle junkie. I spend quite a bit of time digging through the bins of hundreds of pieces of hardware or the random containers of goodies.

And I'm also always on the lookout for pieces I can work with. For instance, I know I'm going to remodel a friend/clients bathroom in the Spring, so I keep an eye out. I get little bits at a time so there's not a huge chunk of change going out at construction time. The other day I spotted these stud cabinets. $10 each! All I have to do is modify the fronts to blend into the wall and add some face frames.

But here's a few things done or doing-
From loose shelving, I was able to make this toy box, which was originally done by a lovely lady named Traci at BeneathMyHeart. (I also grabbed some cabinet doors to make those chalkboards.)

It's where I got my antique door to make my barn door.

And since everything I do has a touch of 'what the heck is she doing?'...
Pallets to upcycle into a 'mud room.' I did this in my friends house when we remodeled her Living Room.

You know there had to be a wine rack in there somewhere! ;)

Furniture to redo. I forgot to get a before pic of the table. It was an orangy-brown.

This needs some work, but for $10 I couldn't just leave it there.

Lights like this for my kitchen...


This light I got for my hallway was a find at $25.

I found the same one at Lowe's 2 days later for $90!

I wanted darker globes than what came with this light.
Wouldn't ya know, they had the 3 that I needed and loved.

And my most favorite thing at this moment. Sneak peek at the lingerie chest I'm redoing and wanted to change the knobs out on. After months of collecting odds and ends (that I wasn't quite sure at the time where it was headed) I found enough parts to create the new knobs on the right.

Do you see it now? Are you feeling me, people?

Couple of things to know about shopping at the ReStore:
  1.  Remember you are shopping at a charity and every dollar you spend is getting someones grandmother new plumbing, or a family a chance at a real home. (How cool is that?)
  2. When you see it, and you think you're going to need it, get it. If you walk away, chances are it will be gone when you come back.
If you have any project coming up--from painting a table to a full on room renovation--I hope that you will consider checking out (or donating to) your local Habitat ReStore. Save some money and help a great cause!

You'll feel so good, you'll sleep like this:

As always, if you have any questions, just holler! I love emails but I can get to comments easier-so leave some love, Sunshine!

Y'all come back soon.


  1. i totally need to make a date with you to go hang out there some time soon. i have a need for a full length mirror, and i'm thinking of putting it on the dining room wall. i'd love to give it a "garden gate" type feel with a hodge podge of different size picture frames around it. i kinda have an idea in my mind, but something tells me after a few hours perusing this store & picking your creative brain, we can come up with something fabulous. i mean, look at what you've done already!!

  2. We can do that any time. Thanks hon!

  3. LOVE Restore!

    Thanks for sharing at Give Me The Goods Monday!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  4. Thanks for sharing at Give Me the Goods! You found an awesome deal at $10!

    Hope to have you party with us again next week!
    ~Chelsea @ Married Filing Jointly


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