Rising From the Rubble-pt 2 of "How to Kill Your Granny (Bathroom)"

When I left you last we had just gutted the guest bath, leaving only the sink cabinet. 

Turning our granny bath into the cool kid in town takes us to Dumb Rookie Mistake (DMR) #5-Green Sheetrock and cement backer board. Apparently, you don't need both. We found this out a little too late, resulting in the walls jutting out over an inch once the tile was added. This resulted in them looking awful and untrimmed for an unusually long time until I figured out what we were going to use to finish it off. But, I know how to install the heck out of both of them now!

First, since this was just a soaking tub, we had to plumb it for shower. This was a simple google search.That and about 50 trips to Home Depot.

He is SO happy here!

Then we filled the gaping hole we made when we took out the old window with a fabulous (not) block window that we made. Next, we stuffed the holes with insulation and hung plastic. We stapled, then taped. 

Next came the green drywall, taped and mudded (is that a word?) like regular drywall.

We then added the concrete backer board on top. We could have just went with this, omitting the green board, but this was our first time doing a shower. You don't call it a rookie for nothing...

We have all kinds of stuff holding this up. Liquid nails, then screws, then more liquid nails on top and in the seams, then taped and mudded. Maybe a little overkill...but if it leaks, it's because a tornado ripped through it.

It was my job to tile while Mark was at work. I didn't know about premixed thin-set and premixed grout at this time. It costs a little more, but it would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation.

The accent tiles looked pretty in the store. DMR#6- Not making sure this is exactly what I wanted, and not asking myself if this could be considered timeless. I'm working on other projects right now, but it is on my list to chip those out and replace them.

Next came the floor! Again, my job to tile. This is back-breaking work. It's not hard...just hard on the body.

After we ripped out the fake maroon-marbled sink, it left the walls in need of serious repair. I knew I wanted to do bead board in here so we up cycled from another room.

This room...

These are your typical 4x8 sheets, so we just cut them in half and slapped them on the wall.

We had a limestone counter installed, and I stained the cabinet Minwax's Bombay Mahogany gel stain. Looking back I would not do brushed nickel fixtures. They show every water mark and are harder to clean. 

We made this frame to trim the mirror, and stained it to match the cabinets. One thing they don't mention in many tutorials is you need to paint or stain the back side. You will be able to see the reflection. Duh! We hung it like a picture frame so it can be removed and repainted later, if we choose.

Now it's just a matter of paint, trim and decorate! Mark installed a vent fan light from Home Depot. It's quiet, yet efficient. We also changed out the Hollywood style lights and added shelving. In natural light...

We trimmed out the ugly ends of the shower with large corner molding. It looks like it's always been there, which is what I was hoping for. Love it when a plan comes together!

Dual flush toilet from Sam's Club. My neighbor gave me that little table and I painted it with my go-to fave, rubbed oil bronze. Funny, I never knew it was so popular until I started reading blogs. Ladies, if you're thinking about a dual flush toilet, you will still always use the '2' flush because of toilet paper. I don't know if it really is better than a regular toilet. My husband just wanted it because it sits higher and has the elongated seating.

Since this is a guest bath, we only needed a little room for towels.

And here she is! After I got the shower curtain from Ikea, I finally decided on Behr's Antique White. I love the way it looks like a light yellow in here, but in other rooms it looks cream. The hooks on the wainscoting are perfect for guests dirty towels.

The artwork is temporary until I find the perfect pictures to go in the large frames.

I adjusted the lighting as well as I could. It's gray and rainy here today, so it's hard to get an accurate color representation.

And to remind you of what she looked like before...

All in all, couldn't be happier with the transformation!

I'm so happy y'all stuck it out for the world's longest bathroom remodel post!

Y'all come back soon!



  1. Wow, this is so gorgeous, great work! I always dream of one day taking on a project like this. Ryan will tell you I love to watch HGTV and Flipping Houses homes all weekend :)

  2. Thank you Lindsay! We watch those too. It helps me get motivated to get up and so something. Lol

  3. Good luck, Jodi! Looks great! You have a huge talent of making beauty out of just about anything! Love ya!


  4. Thank you Shelly! That means a lot...

  5. Huge difference between before and after.....awesome transformation. Kudos!



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