My First Post! Welcome!

Hello there! Welcome again to my blog and to my very first ever post. You are on the ground floor of something special. Be my friend, and one day you can say you knew me when. Ha! It's more like, in a few years you'll be asking 'why hasn't she finished those kitchen cabinets yet? Geez.'

Let me start with a few quick introductions. I am Jodi, mother to 20 yr old Rory. No, that can't be right. 1992 was only like 10 years ago. Oy! I am married to Mark, father of 22 yr old Paige. Retired Air Force, but still working on the C-130 here in Waco and all around super guy. He puts up with my changing paint colors and 5 times a charm (?) kitchen cabinet makeovers. We are empty nesters but we have 2 fur kids that keep us busy. Tanya, the 11 yr old long haired-I-don't-know-what-but-she-makes-my-nose-itch-cat, and Daisy, our 4 yr old rescue basset that is so sweet, but so ungodly spoiled.                    

We bought this house: Built in 1959, it sports an array of gold fixtures (eww) and a sea of wallpaper that is 4-5 layers deep. *Sigh.

And we are doing a ton of work to it. I will have future posts on renovations and everything we have in store for it. One thing I need to mention is that when we bought this house, Mark and I knew hardly anything about renovating. Everything we know, we learned by watching DIY Network. 
I don't say that lightly. Everything. We. Know. 

We are in the middle of doing some pretty amazing things. We've also made some extremely stupid and expensive mistakes. You get it all in this house...the good, the bad, the ugly; but most of the time...some pretty cool stuff.

My goal is to write at least 3 posts per week, so y'all come back often!


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