How to Kill Your Granny (Bathroom) pt1

Challenges are a fact of life. They can be small, like that last 10 lbs you have to lose...or they can be the giant soul-sucking, back-breaking, moo moo-wearing hell pit that is our guest bathroom. She's a tricky one. All prim and proper on the outside, but yank back the curtains and she's got children in the oven. Or in this case, mice...but we'll get to that in a bit.

Here she is in all her glory:

I don't want to make this post about wallpaper, but after the Family Room, this was really a kick in the face. Especially when I peeled back a little bit of paper and found this:

Yes, that is a whole 'nuther layer underneath! *sigh* I'm hating my life at this moment.

We had a vision for this room and none of it involved the dusty candy dish, wadded up tissue in the pocket-memories of my weekends with grandma that this room invoked. 
So in true Blackmon fashion, we sledgehammered everything in sight.

We're gonna need a bigger hammer.

Now some of you might be cringing at the fact we are demolishing a cast iron tub, but in all fairness there was a problem with the sub floor underneath and I'm not carrying that sucker out of there! I've mentioned before that everything Mark and I know about renovation, we learned by watching DIY network. They do not cover this subject, and any time they are carrying a cast iron tub, it's 2 very handsome-albeit very muscular guys doing it. I'm here to tell ya, Mrs. 5'1" ain't gonna cut it.

Let me take you to the tile... For those of you who don't know, this is portland cement. For those of you in a little bit of an older home wondering what's under your tile, this is the stuff. It is attached to a lathe...or what I call chicken wire stuff. It is thick. It is heavy. It will make you cry...

It is under the floor

When we opened up the wall to the left of the tub, we realized there was some kind of access hole that lead to the ground. That whole wall was filled to the top with mouse poop! I had visions of the Hanta virus melting my insides and nightmares that giant mice were going to get us for destroying their home. One critter I can't stand is a mouse that's found its way in.

We did find one kind of cool thing. The remnants of the time capsule from the last time it was renovated. The mice got to it, but you can see the newspaper is talking about Viet Nam.

The next thing would be to repair the damage to the sub floor and joists. Parts were rotting away and it was gross. We got some new wood and 3/4 in plywood.
I know it looks like he's doing all the work, but trust me...he ain't.

We were trying to do this bathroom for under $1000. Dumb Rookie Mistakes cost us.
DRM #1- We should have found a way to keep the tub. A little research would have done it.
DRM # 2- We should have kept this window. I had grand delusions that a block glass window was what we needed. You might already know that by code, you have to have a window or a vent fan. Mark was going to hook one up, so block would be perfect. blah!

Rory jumping in to help. Well, I kind of threatened his life if he didn't. The wallpaper took days.

I've tried every kind of wallpaper remover and stripper. The thing I found worked best was scoring it, and the using a mixture of water and Downy. Who knew?

But we're back...to DRM #3-You should not buy quick dry mud to do knock down texture. You, unlike us, should read the bag. Otherwise, like us, you will spend the next 6 hours scraping off the hideous mess of goop that has dried looking like marshmallows all over your walls.

We knocked out that weird half wall thing and used the drywall patch and joint compound to fill it in. A little sanding, and good as new. Is there nothing joint compound can't fix? Multitude of sins, my friend...a multitude of sins.

I really wanted to love this color blue. I'm the type of, let's call it-visual personality- that needs to paint a whole room before I decide I hate it.
We took out the ugly maroon swirled faux marble sink/counter top. A cost saver in our favor was keeping the cabinets. If you are doing a remodel, and there is a way to keep your cabinets, do it. Even if you just replace the doors, it will cut the cost of all new ones in half.

DRM #4- And possibly the most dangerous. Your wife's ever changing style and lack of decision making. Gets ya every time.

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Y'all come back soon!

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