Tutorial: You've Got Silver All Over Your Gold (Also:Winner of Guess What it is!)

I'm not a real wedding picture all over the living room kinda gal. It's not like I don't want them displayed anywhere, I just think the living room is a young newlywed's wedding picture-wall domain. I'm older...I have real artwork. By the time our pictures got back from the photographer, the cosmos decided that I needed to have a foot surgery that would put me on the couch for 6 weeks. To stave off boredom, and to keep himself from coming home from work and finding his new wife with her hair torn out or trying to catch the cat with a fishing pole, my husband bought me an iPad. He's kinda cursing that decision now because that meant I had 24 hours a day to discover Pinterest. That would in turn lead me to discover, among a million other things, the Gallery Wall. My over-stimulated brain is telling me I don't need a Gallery Wall...but there's 800 suburban housewives telling me my home won't be complete without one! Well we can't have that now, can we.


The Wonderful World of the ReStore~and Creations of Mine

I have featured a couple of things on Second Wind that I've made out of items I found at the ReStore. I got an email the other day that simply said, 'ReStore?' And to that person I say, 'Oh honey...you poor thing!' If you haven't heard of the amazing wonderland of toilets and trinkets that is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore...and the reason my garage is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders, then let me tell ya all about it...


From Formica to Fabulous~The Never-Ending Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen in our house was my very first renovation project ever. Now, two years later, I think I can say it's done. I've mentioned before that the kitchen is a sore spot in our house, but after this past weekend that can all be put behind us as we ride off into the sunset of domestic bliss. Too much? Don't care...because I'm walkin' on sunshine, baby.


How to Kill Your Granny (Bathroom) pt1

Challenges are a fact of life. They can be small, like that last 10 lbs you have to lose...or they can be the giant soul-sucking, back-breaking, moo moo-wearing hell pit that is our guest bathroom. She's a tricky one. All prim and proper on the outside, but yank back the curtains and she's got children in the oven. Or in this case, mice...but we'll get to that in a bit.


How to Old School Your New Hardware

The kitchen has been a sore spot in our household for about a year now. The reason being, the color granite  we chose for it is a little unusual and I was on a mission to match it. I thought the cabinets would look good being a black-washed red. Then when that didn't work out well, (ok-total FAIL) I thought maybe an espresso. No. The kitchen looked really dark and dreary. I cannot create culinary perfection in a dark kitchen.
Then somewhere in the middle I got tired.  

Barn Door to Replace Pocket Door

Hello again! I wanted to share as our first home improvement post our crazy pocket door makeover. We started out with your typical, ugly, brown, cheap pocket door that separated our kitchen and laundry room. Now these things may look flimsy, but when they decided to BUILD THE HOUSE AROUND IT in 1959, that made it a wee bit stronger.

My First Post! Welcome!

Hello there! Welcome again to my blog and to my very first ever post. You are on the ground floor of something special. Be my friend, and one day you can say you knew me when. Ha! It's more like, in a few years you'll be asking 'why hasn't she finished those kitchen cabinets yet? Geez.'