Top 10 Greatest Posts of All Time!

Since 2013 started my blogging journey, I can technically say that these following 10 posts are my greatest, well, ever. As this year draws to a close I would like to thank each and every one of you for being here, commenting with such sweet words, celebrating triumphs with me, showing support when I had to have surgery, giving advice and different ideas when I needed it, and making my first year in blogland a lot of fun!

And without further adieu, here are the top 10 most popular posts that you liked!


Gifts You Can Make in a Day!

I was going through some projects that I did before I started blogging. I apparently take a lot of pictures. So please excuse them in advance. All of these things can be made in a day, and I hope someone out there can use one or two!


Fabric Scrap Christmas Wreath

Thanks to Hobby Lobby, I can start my Christmas projects in August. Thanks to being a blogger, I can get them done before New Year's. I was inspired to make this wreath from a post by All Things Thrifty. I just think her little drop cloth ruffle wreath is so adorable!


Covering Lampshade Frame with Fabric, without Styrene

I would like to say that I chose not to use styrene on my lampshade because I read that new studies show that when warmed, styrene emits harmful chemicals into your home, and I am concerned about that. I would like to say that, but the truth is, they just don't sell styrene in Waco and I didn't want to wait for an online order. So go ahead and use styrene if you want, but if you are concerned about the new studies, or like me, just don't have any...read on.


2-Tone Credenza Makeover & 3-D Fiber Lash Winner!

I bought this credenza off Craigslist for $50. It is huge. It is heavy. And it's pretty ugly in its natural state.


Younique Moodstruck 3-D Fiber Lashes Review and Giveaway!!!

I have a confession to make. It's something that I am embarrassed about and I try to hide as much as I possibly can. I know there are a lot of you that suffer from the same condition, so I am here, bearing it all for the world to see. You see, I suffer for TLS.


Fix a Broken Nail Fast!

My nails are out of control. I don't know why. My diet isn't that great; I don't take hair and nail supplements. But my whole life, I've had nails that grow really thick, really long, really fast. I know...You hate it for me, right?


Making Lights to Replace Ugly Fluorescent

When we bought our house, the kitchen came equipped with an ugly fluorescent light, complete with cheap cover to disguise it. When we remodeled the kitchen, we made our own to replace it, and I've had a few questions on how we made it. We are not professional electricians by any means, so please don't rely solely on this tutorial. There's my disclaimer for the day.


Jalapeno Cream Cheese Corn

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm putting out there for the whole world to see; my secret weapon. I'm handing over the torch to my go-to for everything, been making this for 20 years, world famous - jalapeno cream cheese corn.


Super Simple Sweet & Salty Banana Bread

I love me some banana bread. With nuts-without nuts...it doesn't make a difference to me. I started experimenting with it way back in the beginning of my cheffing days, when I was forced to use boxed mixes. I would always add different syrups and honey's to try and dress up the bland-box flavor. I continued that experimenting into life. The quest for the perfect banana bread. I found it.


Armoire Refaire

I've been off the radar for a couple of weeks. So many projects...so little time. Factor in that it's been either raining or 105 degrees, that time is cut down to itty bitty, sweaty-sized pieces. I'm happy to report that the new A/C is truckin' right along and doing everything the little bit overly confident salesman said it would.


Making Antique Horse Collar Mirror~And Before and After's!

My husband and I had our pictures taken at this old time photo place while we were visiting Pigeon Forge, TN this year. They had this one area set up like an old bath house, complete with a horse collar mirror on the wall. I don't know what it was, but I was in love with that thing. I started thinking that I never come across old horse collars, and where would I ever get one that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg? Well, a week later when we were driving through Georgia on the last leg of our trip, we stopped at this antique place in Augusta. Wouldn't ya know...they had one there. It was fate.


Easy Etched Glass Gift & Homemade Laundry Soap

My nephew ran off and eloped! I wish it was quite the scandal like Lady Sybil and the chauffeur on Downton Abbey, but (sadly)-we were quite happy for him and his beautiful fiancé, Lindsay. We all got together the day before Father's Day for a pool party and BBQ at my sister's house to celebrate their union, and bring our new New Yorker family member into the fold Texas style!


Spaghetti Squash-It's Easier Than You Think

I am constantly amazed at the amount of friends I have that have never tried spaghetti squash. Not that it comes up in everyday conversation, but it has come up over the years. And when it does, I always get the blank stare and the question: "Does it taste like spaghetti?"


How to Replace Broken/Chipped Veneer

I'm going to admit upfront that this project almost sent me over the edge. I have a bad habit of looking at a sad, broken piece of furniture and saying "Oh, I can fix that." And thus is the case with this piece. A $30 flea market find, this Meridan House by Drexel Bachelors Chest was too cute to pass up. Broken veneer, swollen wood, stuck drawers and chunks of wood missing from the legs and all...it was mine. And since it's mahogany, I was hoping it wasn't too far gone that I would have to paint it instead of refinishing.


Homemade Photo Paper

I discovered this method of photo printing because I am disorganized, forgetful, always in a rush and I hate going to the store for only one thing.

It was a Saturday when my husband and I were going to get our one year anniversary pictures taken. I wanted to do a cute picture I had seen on Pinterest, where you are holding your picture from the year before. Like THIS. I want to continue to the five year mark, but the only thing I can't wrap my head around is once we get to that point, is the final picture going to be so big it covers the wall? I mean, you want to be able to see all of the pictures in one, so it's going to have to get bigger...I guess we will see in four more years.


How to Repair a Chipped Lamp

**I must preface this post by saying that this will work only if you plan to paint your lamps.

We got these 2 lamps on our road trip at a little place outside of Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, TN. You are also getting a shot of our little farm house table in the making.


Mother's Day Gift Idea: Drawer Sachet's

I'm back from vacation and have a bit of a vacation hangover! Lots of yard work had to be done this morning, laundry, grocery shopping. I feel like I'm walking around in a dream. I foolishly thought I'd be posting from the road, but we got started and I was having so much fun, staying busy, and looking at beautiful scenery that I just let it fall by the wayside. But, I took tons of pics and visited some very interesting places. I will share those in the next few months. I don't want to bore you with a bombardment of my 2 weeks on the road.


Back Yard Reveal!

I woke up to an email this morning that said 'Ain't you done with that yard yet? I want to see those cobblestones.' That made me giggle. Well, Diane...here it is! Finally! I was debating on how I should do this. A bunch of before's and a bunch of after's? Or, one at a time before and after. I like the instant gratification of the latter, so I think we'll go with that, then give the final result at the very end.


The Pallet Garden and Finishing Up~Outside Improvements pt5

Ack! I'm so late getting my garden in this year. By a month, but given how our winter went this year, I probably could have started in February. I could be sitting here, writing to you and chomping on a fried green tomato right now. Instead, I've got dirt under my nails, mud on my clothes, and did I really just find a pile of dead grass in my ponytail? With everything going on with the Outside Improvements, wrist surgery and breaking my ankle, the garden kept getting pushed back. But I just couldn't push it back anymore. I got the best seeds this year and have to try them out...so, cast on the hand, boot on the foot  and sweat on my brow, I got busy with the Pallet Garden.


How to Install a Pool Liner-Outside Improvements pt4

Ever notice how when you buy something, everything looks and works perfect-but as soon as it's yours, the whole thing falls apart? That's how I feel with this house. Money sucking pit of despair is a little strong, but let's go with that. The pool is my husband's project. He spends hours tinkering with the cleaning, the chlorine levels, and the thing we call Rover...who roves the bottom, sucking up leaves.


Our-Under $300 Complete Deck Addition! Outside Improvements pt3

This is coming a lot later than I expected. But, look what happened here!

That is the root system for the neighbor's tree that lives behind us. It was so windy last weekend, that it knocked the 100 ft tree over in the middle of the night, lifting the corner of our fence.


Just a Little Easter Stuff~and Some Cute Kids!

I used to do a lot of crafts. I'm not exactly sure when I stopped--but after I caught the DIY bug, I found I had somehow traded my glue gun for a hammer. I went to my supply closet to find something to do for an Easter post, and found nothing but some old paint, broken frames, and a couple of doilies. So a trip to Michael's later, and here we are.


That New A/C Sure is Umm...Big. Outside Improvements pt2

In case y'all didn't know, Texas is hot. Like, 'I think I've just entered the third realm of Hell,' hot. Two summers ago it was 105+ for three weeks straight. And there's always just enough humidity in the air that when you step outside, you instantly become a puddle. I left here when I was 17, and just moved back a few years ago. For the last several years, it seems I've only lived in colder climates. Alaska, Germany, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Now that I'm back, summers are no longer any fun for me. Come April, just give me a cold room and a glass of ice tea, and I'm good till October.


The Best $13 We've Ever Spent-Outside Improvements pt1

It's just life. We got hit this year with needing a new air conditioner system for the house, a new A/C for the truck, the foundation under our addition had to be lifted, the pool liner needed to be replaced, the kids needed some help. Every year we choose a new home improvement project to tackle. This year, we decided we were going to blow up the back yard. But with finances being slaughtered, we were going to have to get creative...and dirty.


Can We Please Stop Calling it a Man Cave?

It was cute the first million times I heard that term, but much like 'Shabby Chic,' it's now like nails on a chalkboard. Speaking of shabby chic, when is that going to die? In a couple of years this craze will be over, and what are we going to be left with? A bunch of turquoise dressers and 'chippy' end tables. Annie Sloan will come out with her own brand of overpriced paint stripper and stains, then maybe things will start getting back to just how I like them...classic. But I digress.


How to Refinish an Antique-Also, Before and Afters!

I introduced this piece in my 'Great Finds' post last week. This display case/curio cabinet was exactly what I had been looking for for my dining room. Looking around town at different furniture stores, consignment shops and antique stores, the average price of their pieces were about $500. So when I got this for $150, I thought I had hit the lottery. Upon closer inspection, it quickly became obvious that this piece was being held together by a lick and a promise...and in need of some serious love.


Great Finds in the Last Couple Weeks!

I am so stinking excited to show you the great stuff I've come across in the last couple of weeks! When I wrote the post about the ReStore, I was looking at a piece of Waco history that they had. It was being appraised at the time and I didn't want to jinx it by saying anything too soon, but I wanted it so bad. I had a 50% off credit from the ReStore when I won a DIY contest, so I was hoping it wouldn't appraise for too much.


A Family Room For Our Family

Tearing out the wallpaper in the family room and entry was probably the most painstaking, frustrating project in this house. Just when you think you're moving right along...the worst is over...and you're just going to skate through the rest of the house, you get smacked with a project that has you ripping your hair out and crying in a corner. I would rather eat glass than have to do this again.


Panel, Panel On the Wall-Please Go Away

When it comes to wall coverings, somewhere around 1975 people just plumb lost their minds. Whoever thought putting thin, fake, wood veneered panels all over a nice smooth wall should be locked away. The only saving grace is that it's relatively easy to remove and it can be up-cycled, in most cases, into wainscoting for another room. The only question is, what to do with the now not-so-smooth wall that ripping off the ugly left behind? I'll show ya...


Tutorial: You've Got Silver All Over Your Gold (Also:Winner of Guess What it is!)

I'm not a real wedding picture all over the living room kinda gal. It's not like I don't want them displayed anywhere, I just think the living room is a young newlywed's wedding picture-wall domain. I'm older...I have real artwork. By the time our pictures got back from the photographer, the cosmos decided that I needed to have a foot surgery that would put me on the couch for 6 weeks. To stave off boredom, and to keep himself from coming home from work and finding his new wife with her hair torn out or trying to catch the cat with a fishing pole, my husband bought me an iPad. He's kinda cursing that decision now because that meant I had 24 hours a day to discover Pinterest. That would in turn lead me to discover, among a million other things, the Gallery Wall. My over-stimulated brain is telling me I don't need a Gallery Wall...but there's 800 suburban housewives telling me my home won't be complete without one! Well we can't have that now, can we.


The Wonderful World of the ReStore~and Creations of Mine

I have featured a couple of things on Second Wind that I've made out of items I found at the ReStore. I got an email the other day that simply said, 'ReStore?' And to that person I say, 'Oh honey...you poor thing!' If you haven't heard of the amazing wonderland of toilets and trinkets that is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore...and the reason my garage is starting to look like an episode of Hoarders, then let me tell ya all about it...


From Formica to Fabulous~The Never-Ending Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen in our house was my very first renovation project ever. Now, two years later, I think I can say it's done. I've mentioned before that the kitchen is a sore spot in our house, but after this past weekend that can all be put behind us as we ride off into the sunset of domestic bliss. Too much? Don't care...because I'm walkin' on sunshine, baby.


How to Kill Your Granny (Bathroom) pt1

Challenges are a fact of life. They can be small, like that last 10 lbs you have to lose...or they can be the giant soul-sucking, back-breaking, moo moo-wearing hell pit that is our guest bathroom. She's a tricky one. All prim and proper on the outside, but yank back the curtains and she's got children in the oven. Or in this case, mice...but we'll get to that in a bit.


How to Old School Your New Hardware

The kitchen has been a sore spot in our household for about a year now. The reason being, the color granite  we chose for it is a little unusual and I was on a mission to match it. I thought the cabinets would look good being a black-washed red. Then when that didn't work out well, (ok-total FAIL) I thought maybe an espresso. No. The kitchen looked really dark and dreary. I cannot create culinary perfection in a dark kitchen.
Then somewhere in the middle I got tired.  

Barn Door to Replace Pocket Door

Hello again! I wanted to share as our first home improvement post our crazy pocket door makeover. We started out with your typical, ugly, brown, cheap pocket door that separated our kitchen and laundry room. Now these things may look flimsy, but when they decided to BUILD THE HOUSE AROUND IT in 1959, that made it a wee bit stronger.

My First Post! Welcome!

Hello there! Welcome again to my blog and to my very first ever post. You are on the ground floor of something special. Be my friend, and one day you can say you knew me when. Ha! It's more like, in a few years you'll be asking 'why hasn't she finished those kitchen cabinets yet? Geez.'